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Vintage Style


At times when I go shopping for clothing,  it is difficult to find something that will appeal to my sense of style yet be modest at the same time.  Often the choices are either those of a Party Girl (low neck / peek a boo thigh ) or a Bag Lady (no shape/ covered from head to toe) neither of which is desirable in the least.

With such frustration as my  motivation (hey that rhythms 🙂 ) I decided to search through several sewing pattern books to find something that Little Red Riding Hood  would say is ‘Just Right’.  This is what I came up with:


1953 Vintaqe Vouge (V1043)


and this is the result:



Sorry the first picture didn’t come out so great but you get the idea, right?

As you can see I decided to use an Aqua Linen blend fabric that I found from Joann Fabric for fifteen cheap yet chic dollars. Once the dress was finished I paired it  with a purple/violet earring and necklace set (not shown) and dark brown shoes.  I’m happy to report that not only was it a joy to wear, it also went over well with those who saw it.

Any-who this is my latest entry, to see what will be up next simply look to your right under “On Stand by”.  Until then try to keep yourselves together one stitch at a time.




When sewing, I can make and control what happens, to decided what will be come of something, what path it will take. However in life you don’t always have this same control, the things that you want to “make” happen at times don’t result in that which you’ve hoped. There are times when things are out of your control and you must work with what you have left-over.

This is the sometimes the case when it comes to sewing as well, due to current financial restraints, I’ve had to hold back in buying new fabric and patterns. With that thought in mind I’ve decided to piece together left-over pieces of fabric that I have from earlier projects. The first of dress project is this Project Runway Simplicity pattern pictured here:

First of many left-overs

I will be making the blue dress pictured in the top right with a Dark Jade material such as this:

with an off white linen trim like the one pictured here:


Once I have finished I will be sure to post a picture of my left-overs. Until then try to keep yourselves together, as I do, one stitch at a time.


Vogue 8644

I must admit that when ever I thought about Vogue patterns I would have a feeling of exclusion.  You see I didn’t see anything that came in my size (for those of you that don’t sew, patterns run 2-3 sizes smaller then clothes you buy in the store). So when I first did this dress it was out of rebellion, I wanted to prove that I too could wear the latest styles and fashions and look smashing.  The result was a sense of satisfaction that only comes from creating, not only did I modify it to fit me, and add my own flair, I learned some secrets of the sewing trade I had yet to learn.  With this success needless to say that I have more in mind:






So as the song says, “come on Vogue……” and that is exactly what I will continue to do.

Is it not the saying “Falling apart at the seams…..” An indication that one is losing it mentally? For each person the reason is different such as  family, financial, emotional, etc. Yet just as the cause is different so are the things that keep us “Together at the Seams…..” Of course sewing is not the only thing that helps me, I have my faith and values, my love from my family, and my own self will.  However these things are of a private nature and I will not share them here.  What I will share with you is my desire to reset and recreate myself through neddle and thread.

Some of my post will be humors, some will have “Things I have learn from being stupid…” and perhaps “Maybe you know better then me because I sure don’t get it :-)….”  At any rate I hope you will enjoy my journey to my happy place while I try to keep my self “Together at the Seams”.

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